Proper nutrition is especially important for our seniors. Poor nutrition can cause health issues and can contribute to dementia and Alzheimer's disease. It's a well-known fact that diet plays a crucial role in the process of healthy ageing. We all know there are foods that are better for us than others! There’s a lot of great foods that are specific to helping reduce the risk or delay the onset of Alzheimer’s and other dementias! The Mediterranean diet is known for being the BEST diet out there for cognitive health. The main thing though is to eat foods that are rich in antioxidants, anti-inflammatories and omega -3s! Some foods that enhance our brain health include; turmeric, leafy greens, dried fruits and even some spices.

You know how the saying goes — you are what you eat. As we age, our metabolism slows down and we require less calories but still the same amount of nutrients. A nutritious diet and an active lifestyle is of utmost importance for seniors. With healthy meals and physical activities like basic exercises and group yoga, we must ensure that our loved ones stay active to keep their hearts young and mind fit!

Older adults who are looking for a delicious and nutritious food to add to their diet should look no further than Fruits, oatmeal and healthy drinks. They will reap many benefits from consuming these antioxidant rich fruits like: improved digestion, healthier brain and improved skin. Around the age of 50, our muscles start losing mass – about 1-2% a year, according to some estimates. This increases to 3% after age 60. If your muscle mass is shrinking, so is your ability to fight off disease and recover from injuries.  But you can take steps at any age to preserve your muscle mass, even beef it up again. Increasing your protein intake can help. As we age our appetites get smaller, but just because we eat less doesn’t mean we can’t eat right. Pack nutrition into every meal through superfoods.  Here are power foods that can help:

1. Edamame

2. Chicken breast

3. Plain Greek yogurt

4. Salmon

5. Walnuts

6. Eggs

7. Whey protein

8. Chia seeds

9. Almonds

10. Spinach

Many fruit and vegetables are high in nutrients, as are nuts, seeds. Fruits That Seniors Should Add to Their Diets For a well-balanced and nutritious diet, seniors should eat more fruits. Here are some they can add to their diets:

1. Dried Bananas for vitamin C and potassium

 2. Mixed berries for antioxidants

3. Dried Apples for fiber

4. Dates are rich in vitamins, proteins, minerals and natural sugar

5. Raisins have been known to reduce acidity and help in digestion.

6. Apricots are a rich source of vitamin E, which protect cells from damage caused by free radicals.

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